Development of
Oncology Products

A deep research company in the preclinical areas of cell differentiation and targeted therapy deployment methods. Leveraging Machine Learning and other data models with technology of CRISPR/CAS9 and TALENS.

Research Methods

Our predictive models are based on outcomes rather than exploratory methods. Creating therapies, not dreams.


Leveraging technology partnerships allows us to focus on product development instead of downtime.

Outcome Oriented

Focused on generating positive outcomes to provide profitability for our investors. Profitability is our number one focus.

Investor Opportunities

We have a wide range of investor opportunities with a minimum investment of $150,000. Funding rounds are 2023 – 2025.

About Miles Deep Research LLC. (MDR)

Founded in 2021, Products expected in 2026

Joseph E. Miles, an entrepreneur based in Austin TX with decades of experience in insurance, technology and education industries. After close family diagnosis of Fallopian Tube and Non Small Cell Lung Cancer, Joseph began his cancer initiatives in 2013; with ramp ups in 2017 and the creation of Miles Deep Research LLC. in 2021. Combing the profitability models of the private sector, with research oriented staff and partnerships, Miles Deep Research will bring innovative products and solutions to the fields of oncology and pharmaceuticals.

Miles Deep Research LLC. (MDR) Founder


What We Are Developing

Miles Deep Research (MDR) focuses on product development above all.

Post DX Modeling

MDR has created proprietary models for deciding surgical criteria, first line treatment and subsequent treatments. Taking the guesswork out of oncologists decisions for patient treatments and clinical trial decisions.

Average time to treatment is 3-weeks currently. Our predictive modeling lowers this to 1-week with full data.

Including: Predictive outcomes for surgical candidates and non-surgical candidates

Targeted Therapies

MDR is in development of novel pharmaceutical therapies centered around cancer antigens, cell differentiation.

Combining advances in gene editing and pharmaceuticals, our therapy will increase 5-year overall survival.

Including: KRAS, EGFR, HER2, BRCA, CD19, CD47, PD-1 and more.

Contact us for a NDA and confidentiality agreement for more information.

Deployment Methods

MDR has created novel ways of implementing treatments in patients. Intravenous and oral therapies will always have their place, but there is vast room to grow in the administration of therapy. Our methods create a safer way of apoptisis.

Including: Nanites, Direct Injection, Hyperthermic and Hypothermic circulation

Contact us for a NDA and confidentiality agreement for more information.